Real Estate Development

We are Coliseum Development Ltd

The company’s business cuts across real estate development services and investments. Our growth has been driven by a holistic long-term approach to client relationships across a broad range of industries.

Estate Development

Our approach to Real Estate development relies on technology. With this, we combine speed, quality and sustainability, to improve on the conventional building methods in the market. We have not just perfected delivering quality buildings at cost-effective ways; we have gone ahead to develop the capability to build homes and assets that suit the lifestyle and financial capacity of our market.

Infrastructure Development

In the face of widening housing and infrastructure gap in the country, our strategy is to work with stakeholders like government, private and development institutions to bridge these gaps; using globally-tested technologies that have delivered results in several developing markets.

Renovations & Renewals

Our Renewals and Renovation Service provides specialized service in design, space planning and retrofit of office spaces and residential buildings. We believe in the proper and effective use of space that helps you achieve the maximum value for your piece of real estate. Our Services include:

  • Full Turn-Key Solutions of Design
  • Design-only Services
  • Space Optimization and Planning & Partitioning of Corporate offices commercial, and residential buildings

Quality Management & Assurance

We have simplified our processes into three key stages – Design, Construction and Delivery. Each of these stages go through a rigorous Quality Control and Assurance process to ensure that we deliver real estate assets that are safe, comfortable and valuable to their owners or investors.

Our Quality Control process includes a well-defined process of prequalification of vendors, assembling of experienced Project consultants, and defined quality parameters